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W e l c o m e


Helping you eat well and live well with flexible, sustainable nutrition

I help health and fitness enthusiasts like you achieve optimal health, live a healthy lifestyle, and feel your best physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I know you’ve tried and failed to get in shape before. You’ve been told losing weight and living healthy is too hard with your busy schedule. That healthy diets are too restrictive and you will need to spend hours exercising. You worry that you’ll just gain the weight back or don’t know where to start.

I'm here to show you a different way and help you see that it's possible with a flexible approach that will work for you.

Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist & Health coach

Your challenges with healthy eating are familiar to me. I've been there myself and now I can guide you through the obstacles using what I've learned.


As a former acrobatic gymnast, my deepest desire growing up was to look skinnier. That’s what motivated me to pursue my BS in Nutrition and Dietetics. But even after extensive education, I struggled to reach my health and body goals. I was never able to lose the extra belly fat I wanted gone.

It wasn’t until I finally discovered flexible dieting approaches that I was able to successfully transform my body and performance. I learned to incorporate both strict strategies to look extra lean when wanted, and more relaxed, mindful eating when going on vacation or enjoying a social outing. Finding that balance was key. I also adopted an abundant mindset that enabled me to achieve sustainability.

Now, I want to provide you with this same knowledgeable, personalized guidance. My goal is to support you in reaching your wellness goals once and for all – no more yo-yo dieting or confusion. I will teach you customized strategies specific to your needs so you can not only lose fat and get fit, but do so in a way that seamlessly fits your preferences and lifestyle.

With my individualized coaching that adapts as you progress, I will help transform your health, confidence and quality of life.

Today you will be a better person than yesterday, the world will be on your side.-4.png
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